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fan cleaning

Maintaining the appeal in any home or business requires regular maintenance on small surfaces such as fans, lighting, and other surfaces. At Torch Window Cleaning, we understand small tasks like dusting or scrubbing can be a tedious chore, which is why our team can provide numerous additional services while they are on-site.

Fan Dusting

Fans are perfect for keeping building inhabitants cool during the warmer months, but when fans are covered in dust, they can pose a number of problems. Without proper cleaning fans can stir up dust and other debris, causing one’s allergies to easily act up. To help ensure the fans in your home or business are dust-free and functional, our professional team utilizes effective cleaning solutions and equipment to reach both short and tall ceiling fans.

Chandelier Cleaning

Cleaning chandeliers is a common hassle for many home and business owners. Whether they require a ladder to clean or have an exceptionally intricate design, chandeliers can be difficult to clean on your own. Our team of professionals cleans your light fixtures completely, ensuring any dust or grime is removed. In return, you enjoy the pleasing aesthetic of a shiny light fixture in your treasured space.

Shower Door Cleaning

Shower doors are perfect places for minerals, mold, and other grime to reside over time. At Torch Window Cleaning, our shower door cleaning helps remove these minerals for you, utilizing top-quality cleaning equipment and cleaning products to ensure the shower in your bathroom is left sparkling clean.

Have you scheduled a window cleaning and are wishing someone would help you dust or scrub miscellaneous surfaces around your space? Our professional team will help take care of these small cleaning tasks for you while we are there! For more information about our additional services, call or contact us today!

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