Holiday Lighting Packages

Our Program

  • Packages start at $950
  • We specialize in roofline lighting, but we can also add mini lights to bushes, hedges, or trees.
  • We use C9 LED bulbs custom cut to your building, and professional-grade mini lights
    • Available roofline colors are warm white, cool white, multicolor, and various color patterns such as red/green, red/green/white, etc.
    • Available mini light colors are warm white, cool white, multicolor, and various colors such as red, green, and blue.
  • All for one price, we provide everything you need to light up your house for the season, including the lights, clips, timer, extension cords. This price also includes maintenance, removal, and storage.
  • Includes prompt maintenance: if a bulb goes out or there are any issues with the lights, we'll be out there within 48 hours.
  • Second-year pricing is discounted 25%. Subsequent years are typically the same price as the 2nd year, but could change based on market conditions and other factors.


Does the customer own the lights?

No, Torch Window Cleaning owns and maintains the lights. In the event of a non-renewal, we keep the lights for reuse.

Will you hang lights provided by the customer?

No, we only install our own products for faulty control purposes.

Do you offer incandescent lights?

No, we only offer LED lighting. It is far more energy efficient!

When do you start putting lights up?

Our installs usually start the last week in September for higher roof lines. Lights will be installed and ready to turn on at your convince.

When do you take the lights down?

Removals start the first week in January and continue until March. There are instances where ice/snow will prevent us from removing them, in which case we would return when the ice is thawed to remove the remaining lights.

Can I hire you to wrap my pine tree only?

We focus on C9 roofline lights and small trees, shrubs, and bushes. We usually do not combine for only one landscape item.


These prices are provided as examples for a reference point only. Many factors can affect cost such as roof height, shape, square footage, etc.

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